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ReelBox TV Set Top Box(STB)

1. Can I buy the ReelBox Dongle online?
Yes. Please create an account as a new user or login either using your Facebook login in Once you become a user, click the “Order Now” button on the website to purchase your own ReelBox MSD. ReelBox shall happily deliver the dongle at your doorstep in 2-3 business days.

2. I would like to see a demo of the ReelBox Dongle before buying one, is that possible?
Yes, it is possible in selected cities. Currently we have launched in Portland and San Jose. In Portland, we have trained sales people who shall show you demos, answer your questions, allow you to test the product and also assist you with purchase, registration of ReelBox account and activation of the dongle. You can also catch us at any of the exhibitions we participate.

ReelBox KIOSKS are present in select retail stores in a few cities like Portland and San Jose in North America. You may visit any one of these cities for an up close and personal shopping experience with ReelBox.

3. Do you accept returns? Is there a trial period?
ReelBox offers a 30-day trial period from the date of delivery both for online purchase and kiosk purchase. We accept returns within this period. You may send to us the ReelBox dongle by snail mail in the original package or drop it off at the nearest ReelBox Kiosk and the entire value shall be refunded, subject to there being no physical damage to the ReelBox dongle. Please check our terms of service for detailed description of our refund policy.

4. After 30-day trial period, will refund be given for unused pre-charge?
Sorry, pre-charge money can never be refunded. However any re-charge money shall be refunded. Please check our terms of service for detailed description of our refund policy.

5. Do you have different Dongle plan options to purchase?
ReelBox does not sell device seperately. ReelBox provides two packages - $39.99 and $49.99. Dongle is included in both the packages for free.

6. Which TVs are ReelBox dongle compatible with?
ReelBox MSD can be connected to any TV which has HDMI port. ReelBox dongle comes with its own remote and charger, USB port to plug to any TV which may be required for a one-time setup and activation step.

7. How does the ReelBox TV dongle connect to the Internet? What are the minimum requirements?
ReelBox MSD uses your home Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) network to connect to the internet. To have proper visual experience, you need at least 4 Mbbps bandwidth with your internet service provider.

8. Is there customer support after purchase? How does it work?
ReelBox offers customer support via email and toll free# 1-877-792-5935. We recommend to contact us via email and we assure you that we will get back to you promptly. You can reach us at

9. How does ReelBox work?
First, customers need to create an online account. Second, they can login and order a ReelBox MSD (or from our representatives). Third, via browser on your PC or iPAD, browse our extensive collection of titles, select and add to My ReelBox. Fourth, on your TV, simply lean back and enjoy the movies from My ReelBox. Note that you can purchase movies either from PC or from your TV.

ReelBox Cinema and Content

1. Can I really buy movie or just rent?
ReelBox only rents and does not sell movies. We do not have rights to sell the movie titles. Throughout ReelBox, buy means renting.

2. What kind of content is offered by ReelBox?
ReelBox currently offers movies in Kannada and Tamil languages. In future, we plan to add documentaries, short-films, art films and stage plays in many Indian languages including Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. ReelBox offers highest digital quality consuming the lowest bandwidth to stream content directly to your TV via the ReelBox MSD.

3. How do I recharge my account?
After registration each consumer gets a free ReelBox account. ReelBox account can be recharged using one of the supported online payment modes such as credit or debit cards. Money precharged is held in the user's account and account balance is displayed on the right upper corner all the times.

4. How do I buy movie titles?
Customers can login into, browse, choose movie and add to their WishBox or purchase and add to their BuyBox. Using the available credit balance from ReelBox account, users can purchase movies for pay-per-view. One year validity applies for all purchased movies.

5. What if my card account is declined / lapsed due to internet delay?
Customers may choose from a variety of option & multiple modes / gateways of payments. We request you to try with another gateway or different cards.

6. For any charge, under what name will be displayed in my statement / account?
All Credit / Debit or Online banking transfers will reflect in the customer's statement as ReelBox Media Inc.

7. Can I see the movie multiple times?
Each movie can be viewed only once. You can watch the same movie by paying again.

8. Can I pause and play a movie?
Yes. Customers can pause and play movies. However for certain programs the rights of viewing may be restricted owing to special circumstances.

9. What will happen if I pause a movie and forget to complete watching the movie?
When you power on the device again, you can continue to watch from where you left. ReelBox stores your view state and recollects providing you a good viewing experience.